Animals that appear in CSGO

What animals appear in CSGO? You may be surprised

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 6, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can be very competitive, but fun little details on the map keep the tone light when needed. There’s a lot to casually enjoy on CSGO maps, from picturesque scenery to cute animals. 

Valve has rolled out a multitude of locations in the Counter-Strike franchise that have left a lasting impression on long-time fans. These maps are tactically created to balance winning opportunities for both sides. But after designing a complex layout, Valve decked the locations with Easter eggs and animals. 

There are plenty of animals in CSGO maps, but not all are visible. We have made put together the ultimate list of animals that appear in CSGO. 

Here are all the animals that appear in CSGO 

Valve has dropped various interactable and audible animals in-game that create background noise. Some don’t appear physically but can easily be heard, while others appear in the form of plushies and sprays.

Different chickens on Inferno

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Inferno’s fluffy chickens are the only interactable animals in CSGO. The cute chickens strut around Inferno’s ancient architecture and actually contribute to the tactical aspect of CSGO. These tiny animals can block audio, distract enemies, and provide company in dark hallways. The color and breed variation also makes Inferno 10 times more entertaining.

You can even tame or adopt as many chickens as you want during competitive games in CSGO. Just move closer to the chicken and press E to make them follow you for as long as they’re alive. Just maybe don’t let them open any clutch boxes for you.

Giraffe and elephant party on Overpass

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Overpass may seem like a grim location, but a happening party adds some color and life to the otherwise grey construction. Valve has set a table for two at this party, where a giraffe and elephant plushie can be spotted. Unfortunately, the party crashers have ruined their little celebration, leaving the two animals to hide under the table for cover. Glasses and plates are also scattered around them, which confirm that this party is now a crime scene.

Fish on Inferno’s B site

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The little fountain on Inferno’s B site is a refreshing and favorite spot for Counter-Terrorists to chill in once they’ve defused the bomb. Tiny fish swim in the pool under the shadow of duckweed and around eight more fish make circles in the small pool, adding faint audio to the background noise.

Unfortunately, players can’t interact with these fish, which is a good thing as players often try to shoot through the water. The fish are safe since the pond is bulletproof.

Legendary goose on Dust 2

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The Goose area on Dust 2 features an actual graffiti of the feathered animal as a nod to Minh Le, who co-created Counter-Strike. The animal graffiti was there in 1.6 and earlier versions of dust2 but was later removed. Valve brought the legendary goose back into the game in the form of a new animal figure. 

Dogs on Mirage Mid

Yes, there are dogs in Mirage, but only in audible form. Sorry, you won’t be petting dogs in CSGO any time soon.

The faint sound of barking can be heard outside the TV room, which confirms that there may be dogs in the unplayable area. However, the sound is infrequent and soft, so you may not hear it on the first try. If you lurk around the room for a minute or two, the dogs may bark at you. 

Horses on Inferno

Dedicated CSGO players are well aware of the stables in Inferno. Previously, the construction area was called stables due in part to the heavy audio of horse neighs. However, this sound is now easily audible in apartments, along with the sound of them running. It can sometimes get lost in the chicken and bird’s background noise, but otherwise, it’s pretty easy to tell that stables are nearby.