real life chickens open a CSGO case

CSGO player makes real-life chickens open a CSGO case

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 4, 2022

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive clutch cases store some of the most sought-after skins and one player bestowed the responsibility of unlocking it to his chickens. 

CSGO easily has the most bankable skin inventories in the FPS genre, curating an entire community of players trading cosmetics for real money. The prolific market stocks thousands of unique guns that ultimately come from case drops. While casual fans like to purchase skins from the market, skin collectors will often gamble on cheap cases. 

Opening cases is a run of luck, so dedicated players have adopted bizarre rituals to get their desired skins in case openings. But this CSGO player who had his chickens step in certainly takes the cake for wildest case opening ever. 

Here is what happens when real life chickens open a CSGO case

Multiple chickens from Inferno spawned in real life to help a determined player unlock a clutch case. unfortunately, it didn’t go all too smoothly.

Before the chickens could open the box, they caused the PC to run into the infamous blue screen of death. To top it off, the outcome wasn’t anywhere clsoe to what the player was hoping for.

Inferno’s popular chickens are known for popping in at inappropriate timings. But, the CSGO fanbase loves the chickens, so a player named Arrow decided to have them open his Clutch case. Four chickens were employed for the task, all in signature CSGO colors. The latest addition of a black hen was also present. The player dropped some chicken feed on the laptop, prompting the animals to pick at the touchpad. 

After crashing the laptop, the chickens finally finished doing their task. There are 17 tempting cosmetics that could be in a clutch case, including some nice gloves. Arrow was hoping to unlock the vibrant gloves, but an SG 553 Aloha was the best chickens could do. The Aloha skin isn’t precisely the most coveted ones in CSGO, so it’s safe to say that the chicken experiment was a flop. 

How to tame a chicken in CSGO?

You can tame or adopt as many chickens as you want during competitive games in CSGO. Just move closer to the chicken and press E to make them follow you for as long as they’re alive. 


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