Hilarious easter egg on Iris brings a new C4 hiding tech to CSGO

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 26, 2022

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive didn’t really have funny tactics to toy with the C4, but this new map is changing the meta. An easter egg on Iris can hide the bomb in a cheeky spot.

Valve recently revealed the newest batch of community maps coming to CSGO. One of the latest maps is Iris, a location set in a small mid-century town that once thrived from its auto industry. The rusty location has some interesting easter eggs that are both hilarious and useful.

The February 21st release notes brought Iris to the map pool, introducing a new C4 tech. With one grenade, players can send enemies into a tailspin. A C4 explosion is warranted if you catch up with this little trick soon.

How to use C4 trick on Iris in CSGO

A player named SoN1Qz demonstrated that a box hidden in a metal shelf could secure the C4 bomb. If you toss a grenade into the stand in B-lobby, it’ll launch the container on the site. Once you have the plastic box on B site, you can equip the C4 and plant it on top of it.

Naturally, the bomb will slip behind the box, becoming invisible for the Counter-Terrorists looking to defuse it.

Now, this is something that has never happened in CSGO before. Interacting with in-game objects to pull off clever tricks isn’t part of the usual game mechanics. A similar scheme only happens on Overpass, where brick is already in place. No grenade or monetary trade is required to benefit from the C4 brick on Overpass’ A site. However, this Iris trick is refreshing and unique.

What’s the C4 easter egg on Iris?

It could be just another bug since it’s unlike anything observed in CSGO before. But, since it requires a grenade investment in exchange for a hidden bomb, it’s not entirely unfair. Tech like this could actually add to the game’s strategic depth. Unfortunately, Iris is still a new map and players may not benefit from this exploit-like mechanic a lot.

Still, it’s an interesting trick that’s indeed spreading some laughs. Iris seems to have tons of exciting easter eggs and tricks, and it appears to be on purpose from Valve. The developer has added a cheeky “please fix Valve” note on top of a malfunctioning tap, probably in reference to the hilarious C4 trick.

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Whatever the case, players are enjoying this new location that’s fresh and unique. So far, the map has been a hit, and it may become a player favorite for its easter eggs.


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