Week 7 mission guide for The International 2022 battle pass

By Kenneth Williams


Oct 14, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Week seven of The International 2022 battle pass is here, so expect to see more strange behavior in your pub matches. 

This week’s missions involve dealing tons of damage to enemy units with your hero and controlled units and popping Magic Stick off cooldown. The reward for jumping through all these hoops is free levels in the battle pass towards all those flashy arcanas. As for Beastmaster players, The International 2022 battle pass week seven is your time to shine.

The International 2022 battle pass week 7 mission guide

week seven battle pass

Time To Click Stuff

We’re only seven weeks into the battle pass and describing the repeating first mission has already gotten old. For Time To Click Stuff, players must play Dota 2. That’s it, no getting around it. Turbo games only count for half and last more than half as long anyway, so queue up for the normal modes and survive (in real life) until the end of the match.

The Grown-Ups Are Talking

This contemptuous mission requires players to deal damage using controlled units other than their heroes. 8,000 is easy, but three stars require 80,000 total damage. Micro-oriented characters like Lone Druid, Beastmaster, and Visage are the most obvious heroes to complete this task. Support players can give Warlock a try, though that should take significantly longer.

Click Harder

The International 2022 battle pass week seven completes the trinity of players needing to spam certain stat heroes. Valve saved strength for last, which is also one of the more versatile stat alignments. There are initiators like Axe and Beastmaster, carries such as Lifestealer and Chaos Knight, and supports including Snapfire and Abbadon. Put away eight wins and grab your free battle pass points.

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Make It A Beat Down

160,000 physical damage is a tall order, but carry players should have an easy time earning this mission’s stars. Make It A Beat Down commands players to deal physical damage directly to enemy heroes. Physical bursters like Phantom Assassin or Slark are obvious picks. Offlaners that can debuff enemies to increase their physical damage such as Slardar, Razor, and Beastmaster are also valid options.

Stick It To You

Magic Stick is often overlooked for flashier pickups, but even the poorest of supports can use it as an early-game option. Its upgraded version Magic Wand is even more powerful and 100% counts for this mission. Stand near enemies for 250 spells and use it at key times to swing fights. Any hero can, and often should buy a Magic Wand in the early game. This includes Beastmaster.

Ward Warden

With so many missions catered towards core players, Valve finally threw a bone to support mains with this final mission. Dewarding is an essential part of playing support. Whether it’s cutting off enemy vision or unblocking jungle camps, both observers and sentries work for this mission. 50 wards later and three stars will be yours. Beastmaster can use sentries and the hawk to deward enemy wards from low ground, making him an excellent option.