Week five mission

Week 5 mission guide for The International 2022 battle pass

By Kenneth Williams


Sep 30, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Week five of The International 2022 battle pass calls for a new guide for all six tasks and quests.

If you love buying Black King Bar on intelligence heroes, week five will be a walk in the park. This week’s missions are all fairly basic with the backdrop of the standard “play matches” quest. However, understanding their quirks and features can help complete them as quickly as possible to gain 3,000 battle pass points. For the optimal speedrunning experience, be sure to buy Black King Bar and Diffusal Blade on support for 15 games straight.

The International 2022 battle pass week 5 mission guide

Week five mission

I Was Going To Anyway

As is custom, week five has a mission with the sole goal of just playing Dota 2. That’s what most players log on to do anyway, so there’s not much advice to give. Grinding games will be slightly more rewarding thanks to the free battle pass levels added by Valve last week.

Punching Down

The International 2022 battle pass makes an effort to guide carries towards buying Black King Bar with this mission. Try to pick burst carries heroes that go for early Black King Bar like Phantom Assassin and Wraith King. Supports with big team fight ultimates such as Enigma or Crystal Maiden can also get it done in just a few matches. Just remember that assists don’t count.

Click Smarter

Mid and support players don’t always see eye to eye, but picking intelligence heroes is one thing they share in common. Click Smarter rewards three stars for winning eight games as an intelligence hero. Losses don’t count, so be sure to pick heroes you actually play. Also, stick to mid and the support roles to grind this one out. No one likes playing with a squishy intelligence offlaner.

Week five mission

They Don’t Like That

Burning mana is one of the most annoying things to do in Dota 2, so prepare to be annoyed this week. This mission requires players to burn up to 20,000 mana from enemy heroes. Core players can look to Anti-Mage or natural Diffusal Blade carriers while supports can whip out Nyx Assassin and Lion. If possible, try to goad the enemy carry into picking Medusa. Chipping away at Mana Shield contributes to this mission.

Hang A Star On That One

Hero challenges are now available to everyone, not just Dota Plus subscribers. That’s good because this mission requires paid and free players to complete Dota Plus hero challenges. One star is the minimum challenge completion, but finishing five different ones is a test of endurance. Remember to swap out completed challenges for new ones in the draft phase.

Reconnaissance Renaissance

This mission, which is fairly difficult to spell, tasks Dota 2 players with planting observer wards across multiple matches. The first star is given at four scaling up to 35. This is fairly easy to get in just a few support matches, so rev up your vision game and get to work. As for core players, this is a good week to farm up role queue games.