Valve adds more free TI11 Battle Pass levels after fan outrage

By Kenneth Williams


Sep 13, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Free battle pass levels are hard to come by, but Valve just added a bunch for The International 2022.

Valve has released an update for The International 2022 battle pass. The changes add 36 more free levels and change distribution so it’s easier to get the existing free levels. Part of this is a new way to get battle levels just by playing the game during the week. Here’s what Valve changed about The International 2022 battle pass and how to claim the new rewards.

In the official blog post, Valve outlines that while there is a similar total amount of free levels for The International 2022 compared to previous years, it was tilted in a way that favored hardcore players over casual Dota 2 fans. 1,500 points were hidden behind 15 weekly mission stars with only 500 for the first milestone. 

Blog post image

As a result, Valve has changed the weekly missions to grant 1,000 at each milestone. This should smooth out the curve for players who only play enough to reach the first two rewards. For bonus weeks, the first bonus chest is now unlocked after two challenges instead of three.

While Valve has tinkered with giving fans free levels before, this small update shows that Valve is listening to its fans regarding the battle pass. Even if it doesn’t acknowledge the long list of missing features or smaller prize pool, the statement shows that Valve is seeing those complaints. Seeing Valve actually do something could mean additional developments to the battle pass if fans keep complaining enough.

How to get free levels for The International 2022 battle pass

To earn the new free battle pass levels, Dota 2 players simply have to play Dota 2 during The International 2022 season.

With the new weekly bonus, players earn 200 battle points per victory or 100 per loss. These bonus points are automatically added and players don’t need to activate anything in the battle pass itself. Points will continue to add up until players earn two levels a week. Across the 18 remaining weeks, that’s 36 free levels.

If you’re also interested in earning free battle pass levels from the first week of missions, players can go back in the battle pass and activate previous weeks once they’ve ended. After that, players can complete old challenges and earn credit towards the new smoother bonuses.