Week 4 mission guide for The International 2022 Battle Pass

By Kenneth Williams


Sep 24, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Week four of The International 2022 Battle Pass is another bonus week, so buckle down and get ready to clear every mission.

In the most recent changes to the battle pass, Dota 2 developers explained that they intentionally chose to cram the majority of the levels into the bonus weeks to help casual players. With bonus chests scaling up to 32,000 points, it makes sense for players to wring this week for everything it’s got. Here’s how to complete all The International 2022 Battle Pass missions for week four and claim your bonus chests.

The International 2022 battle pass week 4 mission guide

Hit Me

Week four continues to offer a mission for just playing games of Dota 2 during The International 2022 Battle Pass season. It scales the same as normal from two games to 15 for all three stars. This week’s missions are a little tricky, so you’re likely to finish this one by accident.

Peak Performance

Ultimates are the star of most team fights, but dealing 5,000 damage with them isn’t exactly tough. However, due to week four’s bonus week status, players have incentive to wrack up the full 50,000. The best options are definitely Leshrac and Venomancer, who can churn out thousands of damage with a single spell. Keep in mind that certain ultimates like Chronosphere don’t work for this, so magic nukers are the easiest option.

They Won’t Need It Anyway

This one is for the carry players. They Won’t Need It Anyway requires players to rack up a ton of net worth in matches. The first star comes at 15,000 but scales all the way up to 150,000. Heroes with ways to boost their GPM like Alchemist and Arc Warden are the obvious choices, though offlaners can give Doom a try. Even support-exclusive players will eventually get this mission done throughout the week.

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Scare Tactics

This week has some specific challenges, and this one may be the most specific of all. For Scare Tactics, players must taunt or fear enemy heroes for up to 180 seconds. It should go without saying that Axe and Dark Willow are the obvious options for this challenge. A three-man Call is close to ten seconds of taunt while a follow-up Terrorize is 12. Rinse and repeat to bag your The International 2022 battle pass bonus chests.

None For Me Thanks

Dota 2 players hate buying defensive items, but a ton of battle pass points should be enough incentive. Lotus Orb and Linken’s Sphere both block spells in different ways, but this mission treats them as equals in dealing with 50 spells. Either pick squishy cores like Queen of Pain and Weaver or offlaners that love bonus armor like Centaur Warrunner or the aforementioned Axe. To get it done as fast as possible, find the dumbest player on your team, spam it on them, and ping nearby enemies.

Enchanting Enabler

40,000 is more mana than most heroes need several times over, but your job this week is to deliver it to them. Restoring mana is a tricky issue, and very few items and heroes can actually do it. For heroes, Keeper of the Light and Crystal Maiden are the best suited for the task. Mana-restoring items include Arcane Signet, Arcana Boots, and Guardian Greaves. There are also the various  Ring of Basilius upgrades. Despite the name, Enchantress is far from the best option for this mission.