Week 2 mission guide for The International 2022 Battle Pass

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Our mission guide to week two of The International 2022 Battle Pass will get you all the bonus boxes as fast as possible.

Week two is especially important as it’s a designated bonus week. Every time players reach a star milestone, they will be rewarded with up to 8,000 battle pass points. This makes it an amazing week to grind The International 2022 Battle Pass, so here’s a guide to complete all the missions as quickly as possible.

The International 2022 Battle Pass week 1 mission guide

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Always A Good Game

As usual, this week gives three stars just for playing games of Dota 2. Players will need to log 15 games to get all three. That’s quite a few games, but this week also has an additional reward for achieving all 18 stars. Remember that you can make this week active later on in the battle pass, so throw this week on when there’s nothing else to grind.

Stacks For Victory

Stacking is an essential part of the game for both supports and cores, and this mission adds rewards beyond the extra gold and experience. Stacking two, five, and nine camps rewards progress towards three stars. Heroes that can stack multiple camps like Shadow Demon and Naga Siren are ideal for the challenge. Try to hang around the double stack spot in the dire jungle for efficiency’s sake.

Range Is Just A Number

1,500 range is a long distance in Dota 2, but killing heroes from that far away is a necessity this week. Getting up to 15 kills is a challenge, but picking the right heroes can help. Sniper is an obvious choice, but he’s not quite as efficient as global heroes. Zeus and Spectre can steal kills from across the map. Ancient Apparition is a good support option. If the going gets rough, pop Venomancer’s ultimate and Force Staff away.

Do The Hard Part

It’s easy to rack up a ton of assists across a Dota 2 match as a support. 100 is a tall order, but it’s still relatively straightforward to complete for a core or support. Heroes with global abilities that affect all enemies like Zeus and Spectre are perfect, making them prime candidates for completing this challenge. Then again, players can also expect to see a bunch of Wraith Kings for the following mission.

We Weren’t Finished

Reincarnating is a rare event for a Dota 2 hero, with only one universal way to do it. Reincarnating six times in winning games is a specialized task, and it requires a specialized hero. Wraith King can reincarnate way more than six times in a winning game. Undying’s reincarnation talent can also work, but it’s way less efficient and rare to get in an actual game. Throw Iron Branches in your teammates’ inventory to snatch the Aegis of the Immortals, but save it for emergencies.

I Heard They Don’t Like This

Dota 2 players should already be denying as many creeps as possible in the lane, so this achievement should come naturally just by playing. It gives more incentive to deny creeps after the laning phase, but try to avoid doing so during pushes. Certain units like Clockwerk’s Cogs and Venomancer’s Plague Wards also count as denied units, so pick them to speed up the process.