Here’s your guide to the TI11 Battle Pass week 1 missions

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Free levels for The International 2022 battle pass are valuable, and week 1 players can grab a ton by completing missions.

The battle pass is finally here, which means tons of cool cosmetics and complaints from fans. It also means opportunities to earn free levels, which is strong incentive to clear the missions board every week. Although it’s possible to earn 18 stars, Dota 2 players only need 15 to claim all the rewards. 

The first week’s missions are a broad range of goals, but many of them are part of normally playing Dota 2. More specific ones require certain matchups or play styles, but it’s also easy to trick the game into thinking you’ve completed it. Here’s a handy guide for all the missions in week one of The International 2022 Battle Pass 

The International 2022 Battle Pass week 1 mission guide

Valve didn’t reinvent the wheel for the missions in week one of The International 2022 Battle Pass. The first week involves a lot of specific item builds and playing with friends. Here are all the missions.

Press Play

This is definitely the easiest mission to complete, and it will probably repeat for all 19 weeks. Press Play gives a star for playing two, eight, and 15 games of Dota 2 across the week. It takes a long time to do since turbo games count as half, but it’s effectively incidental. Just keep playing games to up the count. 

Party Patrol

Party Patrol requires players to queue up for matches in a party of two or more. Stars are awarded for two, five, and ten games. This mission is also self-explanatory, but it can be difficult for solo players to complete. Try finding play groups through social media like Discord, Reddit, or Dota 2 forums. Earn some stars and maybe even a friend in the process.

Nobody Needs to Know

Our guide to this week 1 battle pass mission involves buying a lot of Shadow Blades. Nobody Needs To Know involves killing enemy players shortly after leaving invisibility. It can be completed in a single great Riki game, but it’s easier and more consistent to get invisibility from items. In addition to a Shadow Blade, Smoke of Deceit invisibility also counts towards the total, as do the abilities of Bounty Hunter, Nyx Assassin, and more.

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This is probably the hardest mission to complete in week one since it’s entirely dependent on the enemy heroes. Dustbuster asks players to reveal up to seven enemy heroes using Dust of Appearance. Against the likes of Riki, this mission is a piece of cake. However, enemies who aren’t invisible won’t count towards the total. Opportunities to use Dust of Appearance are rare, so complete this in real matches instead of turbo for full credit.

Best Two Out of Three

Sange, Yasha, and Kaya are hallmark items in Dota 2, and the week-one mission about them is a cinch to complete. Only Sange and Kaya are popular right now, and it’s a difficult item to force in six winning games. The solution is instead to sell some items right at the end of a win and buy the swords from the enemy shop. Players appear to need them in their inventory, so just leaving them in the stash won’t cut it.

Have Fun Storming the Castle

This Princess Bride reference requires players to hold the enemy outpost for one, five, and 10 minutes across multiple games. This one is fairly easy to acquire by playing naturally, but heroes that can sneak outpost control can speed up the process. Nature’s Prophet, Bounty Hunter, Puck, Queen of Pain, and other mobile heroes can quickly claim it while the enemy is distracted.