Week 19 mission guide for the Diretide battle pass

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Week 19 of Diretide is a bittersweet end to one of the longest battle passes in Dota 2 history,

When Diretide first launched, 19 weeks seemed like an eternity. But now that the final batch of weekly quests is here, it all seems so short in retrospect. A new Dota Pro Circuit season will mean more battle pass content throughout the year, but this Diretide will be remembered for its fantastic arcanas and largely forgettable game mode. As you earn your final set of stars and 3,000 battle pass points, be sure to savor it. 

Diretide battle pass week 19 mission guide

Diretide week 19 missions

You Had Me At Dota

15 games of Dota 2 really aren’t that much in the grand scheme of things. It’s not uncommon to see accounts with several thousand matches on record, and five-digit aren’t exactly difficult to find. 15 is a drop in the bucket compared to more lifetime match histories. There’s no time to activate this week and finish it later, so rush through the matches and get credit toward those flashy arcanas before it’s too late.

Something Smells Sweet

Killing enemies and stealing their taffy might as well be the win condition considering how people tend to play Diretide. This final bonus mission rewards up to five stars for picking up 20, 40, 80, 120, and 200 candy from fallen foes. Any hero can reasonably complete this mission over time, but mobile heroes that secure kills like Earth Spirit and Queen of Pain are easy mode. If it weren’t for the five-star bonus missions every week, it’d be nearly impossible to find a game of Diretide in week 19. Hopefully, Valve finally learns its lesson about PvP events this year.

Let It All Out

First Blood is one of the most impactful kills in any game of Dota 2, and Valve is rewarding it with more than minute-one Bottles in Diretide week 19. Let It All Out asks for First Blood kills or assists with three stars rewarded at eight across matches. Heroes that are good at level one brawling like Clockwerk, Tiny, and Batrider are the best options but popping a Smoke of Deceit before the horn can lead to progress on any hero. 

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Fully Charged

This strange mission requires Dota 2 players to use 20, 50, and 100 ability charges. Not many heroes have charge abilities, but Broodmother, Hoodwink, Sniper, Mirana, Riki, Techies, Slark, Outworld Destroyer, Anti-Mage, and Void Spirit are all members of the exclusive club. Brood and Mirana are probably the fastest options for completing it. Ember Spirit, Bloodseeker, Bounty Hunter, and Weaver also gain ability charges at level 25, but that’s not enough to rely on. 

Finishing Touch

Like how last week’s missions involved winning as ranged heroes, Diretide week 19 is all about melee. Pick your favorite short-range king or queen and win ten games to get three stars and max out your Candyworks rerolls. It’s possible to sort the pick screen by attack range, so use that to figure out your picks. Unfortunately for Troll Warlock spammers, he doesn’t count for this challenge. Monkey King does, however, so use that information how you will.

Pain Buffet

Cleave is another uncommon ability, but expect to see more Svens and Battle Furys than normal in matchmaking this week. Pain Buffet rewards a star for dealing 3,000, 16,000, and 75,000 cleave damage to enemy heroes. Sven is the obvious first choice for this, but Kunkka is another way to get it done quickly. Battle Fury carries like Phantom Assassin, and Anti-Mage are also great choices. This mission goes hand-in-hand with the melee heroes quest, so draft around them to quickly gain stars.