Week 16 mission guide for the Diretide battle pass

By Kenneth Williams


Dec 15, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

The weekly quests for week 16 finally include a Diretide mission that doesn’t require selling your soul.

Valve is taking it easy on Dota 2 players for the last leg of the battle pass. Several missions take just one strategic game to complete, and the five-star Diretide mission is the easiest one so far. Here are the best hero and strategies to ace this week and claim your three free battle pass levels.

Diretide battle pass week 16 mission guide

Diretide week 16 missions

Play It Up

Fifteen games is a lot, but it could be even worse. How? For Diretide week 16, consider playing 30 games of turbo. The matches are only about 20% shorter on average, certain heroes are completely imbalanced, and any progress you make for other missions will only count for half. Suddenly, 15 games of standard all pick doesn’t sound so bad.

Left From Dead

This five-star Diretide mission for week 16 is probably the easiest mode-specific task so far. Left From Dead asks players to pick up taffy from fallen greevils. Considering that this is the whole point of the game mode, it shouldn’t take long to collect 50 total treats. The mission also doesn’t require winning, making it a walk in the park compared to previous weeks. Diretide queues are only getting longer and longer as the battle pass nears its end, so get this one done as early in the week as possible. Candy here!

You Wound Me

That straightforward Diretide mission is followed by a very barebones normal weekly quest. You Wound Me rewards one star each for dealing 25,000, 100,000, and 250,000 damage to enemy heroes. Most core heroes will work for this, but Venomancer, Zeus, and Leshrac are all particularly great options for rushing all three stars.

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Heel Turn

With 10 couriers running around the map, it’s not that difficult to snipe one or two over the course of a match. But for week 16 of Diretide, players should always keep an eye on the enemy’s supply chain. This mission rewards three stars for killing ten couriers across multiple matches. Any hero can make progress, but classic courier killers like Mirana, Bounty Hunter, and Anti-Mage can make progress in the laning phase.

The Real Enemy

Last hitting creeps is another task that Dota 2 players are going to do anyway, but this week, Valve sees it fit to reward them with more than just gold and experience. This mission rewards one star each for accumulating 50, 150, and 350 creep score across multiple games. Flash farmers that love stacks such as Luna, Medusa, and Shadow Fiend will make quick work of this mission, but supports players can also get it done across several games.

The Damager Manager

The Damager Manager is probably the most complicated mission to complete this week, and it involves buying an item and pressing a button. This mission tasks players with preventing 2,500, 10,000, and 25,000 damage using either Pipe of Insight or Crimson Guard. The former is a lot more popular in the current meta than the latter, and most offlaners should get a Pipe at some point in a match. Activate it in big fights and hope for the best.


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