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Week 15 mission guide for the Diretide battle pass

By Kenneth Williams


Dec 10, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Week 15 of the Diretide battle pass is the beginning of the end, but our mission guide will get it over with quickly.

Week 15 of Diretide is mostly taking it easy, but players who spam Oracle and Nature’s Prophet will have an even easier time than most. These quests vary from fairly generic to highly specific, so it may be worth cracking open some Diretide games to get this week’s five-star mission done.

Here are the missions for Diretide week 15 and the best heroes and strategies to complete them.

Diretide battle pass week 15 mission guide

Diretide week 15 missions

New Queue For You

If Valve is reaching into the bag of Seinfeld references, you just know they’re having a tough time coming up with queue-related puns. It’s a miracle they don’t just reuse the same ones every battle pass season, though very few players probably notice the effort. When you play your 15 games, take a moment to pause and appreciate all the hard work that goes into naming these Diretide quests every week.

Who Guards The Guardians

Taffy Guardians are Valve’s way of making sure heroes can’t just waltz up and deposit candy in Diretide, but they’re also completely intended to be killed. Who Guards The Guardians asks players to kill or assist in killing two, four, eight, 12, and 20 guardians across multiple matches. Wins are required, and players can theoretically earn over a dozen in one match. Just pick an active hero and be present for pushes, and five stars should be yours shortly.

Disabuse Your Illusions

This strangely-named quest requires Dota 2 players to kill four, ten, and 18 heroes while in the range of a tower. Note that this mission doesn’t care if the tower you’re close to is yours or the enemy team’s. Heroes that are especially good at diving early such as Bristleback, Marci, Timbersaw, or the Spirits can get progress throughout the game, but almost any hero can realistically get this done.

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The Reason We Won

Planting trees is a rare action in Dota 2, usually reserved for midlaners looking to squeeze extra value out of tangos. However, there are a few heroes that can plant a whole 18 in a single game. Hoodwink is an obvious one, but Nature’s Prophet makes this quest absolutely trivial. Just remember that you actually have to win the games for them to count. Alternatively, wait until the enemy victory is assured and buy a bunch of Iron Branches from the enemy fountain.

Keep It Clean

Diretide week 15 has at least one nod to support players with a mission to dispel 50 debuffs from your team. Very few heroes have natural purges, but that exclusive club includes Legion Commander, Omniknight, and Oracle. Items like Lotus Orb, Eul’s Scepter, and Guardian Greaves can also do the job. Just remember that offensive purges like Enchant or Nullifier don’t count. It has to affect you or a teammate.

Leave So Much Trace

With so many specific quests this week, players can breathe a sigh of relief for Leave So Much Trace. Stacking camps is a constant goal for nearly every position, so five, 20, and 50 shouldn’t take too long. Heroes that can easily stack multiple camps like Naga Siren, Shadow Demon, or any long-ranged attacker can earn multiple points every minute. Just keep your eye on the clock and get moving once it hits 45 seconds.