We now know the end date for Dota 2’s Nemestice event

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Nemestice ends in just a couple of days, but Dota 2 fans can leapfrog their way to big rewards with the new Nemestice Battle Level Bundle.

Valve’s tradition of offering a last-minute discount on Dota 2 battle pass levels has continued into 2021. The Nemestice Battle bundle includes steeply discounted levels and treasures and can be purchased twice by every user. The release of the Nemestice Battle Level Bundle comes with a reminder from Valve that Nemestice will officially end on August 17. The new Nemestice Battle Level Bundle deal will also expire on the same date.

The Bundle includes 60 levels for the Nemestice battle pass at $14.99. The bundle includes nine bonus treasures consisting of six Nemestice immortal treasures and three Nemestice Themed Treasures. Valve advertises the deal as a “70% savings on the combined value of the levels and treasures.” Nemestice Bundles can be purchased twice per account until August 9, which is when the Nemestice battle pass ends.

Fan reaction to the Nemestice battle pass has been mixed. The most common complaint was that the Spectre arcana had been locked behind a significantly larger price than previous community-voted arcanas. The usual $35 price tag was more than quadrupled. A cosmetic error also gives the Davion of Dragon Hold persona for Dragon Knight a slight pay-to-win advantage in some situations. 

However, the cosmetics included for the immortal treasures and collector’s cache were generally appreciated. The Cavern Crawl and weekly missions were thought to be nice features, though the lack of Rylai’s Battle Blessings was often pointed out as problematic. Valve has also done a slightly better job of communicating with the community since the start of Nemestice. Hopefully that feedback is taken into account for the second Dota 2 battle pass releasing later this year.

When will the next Dota 2 battle pass come out? 

Valve has already confirmed that a second battle pass is on its way for 2021. The timing for the next battle pass will likely be affected by The International 10. It could release right before the tournament begins, which would allow for a traditional TI battle pass with player predictions and match wagering. Valve could also wait for after The International 10 to prevent distracting players from the spectacle and to better establish battle passes as not being built around the annual esports event.

Either way, Dota 2 fans have another big update to look forward to. The dates for the release of Dota 2 patch 7.30 have been hinted at by Valve. Patch 7.30 will most likely be released around August 18 or 19. Wykrhm Reddy did not specify an exact date, only that 7.30 will be released after Nemestice ends on August 17.


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