We already know the release date for Dota 2 7.33, here’s how

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Valve is infamously secretive, but Dota 2’s developer has already revealed a few hints for the planned release date of patch 7.33. 

7.32 is now the longest patch in the history of Dota 2, with 226 days of play and counting. 7.32e felt like a slap in the face for many, with the arrival of Muerta and the ridiculous Meteor Hammer buff as a preemptive apology from Valve. The next major update better be a doozy, and the alleged return of IceFrog has many players chomping at the bit for massive gameplay changes. It’s tough to wait, but careful analysis reveals that the 7.33 release date is practically already guaranteed.

The most likely release date for Dota 2 7.33

Based on Valve’s own statements and information revealed with 7.32e, the most likely release date for Dota 2 7.33 will be April 26, 2023.

This estimated date comes from two major pieces of information. The first comes from the Dead Reckoning blog post, which confirmed that the next major Dota 2 patch would come out this month. However, many fans seem to have missed out on the exact phrasing Valve used. The term “late April” was used, and considering Valve time, it will probably be very close to the end of the month.

Dota 2 Dead Reckoning

The second clue is the day of the week used to release other major patches. While smaller patches come out whenever Valve decides, the last three major patches have all been released on a Wednesday. This is true for 7.30, 7.31, and 7.32. A middle-of-the-week release gives time for last-minute polish and emergency bug fixes following the patch before the weekend.

That leaves April 26 as the most likely release date for Dota 2 7.33, but April 19 is another possible option. That would still count as late April, though it would cut development time down by a week. Don’t count on April 19, and there’s always a chance that Valve pushes back the patch by a week or two on short notice. Until then, enjoy your Meteor Hammers on every hero with a stun.


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