Where is Dota 2 7.33? Valve says real update is coming later

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After months of anticipation, Valve is still holding back on Dota 2 patch 7.33.

Muerta’s release is amazing for the Dota 2 community, and players of all skill levels will enjoy tinkering with the hero. However, fans are also upset at the lack of a new numbered patch. Patch 7.32e consists of a few dozen hero and item changes, but it does not get the honor of being a real numbered patch. Here’s why Valve is holding back on Dota 2 7.33 and when the real big changes will actually come.

Post-The International patches are usually the biggest changes Dota 2 gets all year, but the most recent update is a notable exception. Instead of 7.33, the Dread Reckoning patch is labeled 7.32e, making it a continuation of what is already the longest patch in Dota 2 history. There are still many hero and item changes, but there are effectively zero reworks and no changes whatsoever to the map and jungle. With previous post-TI patches setting the standard with neutral items and Aghanim’s Shard, fans were expecting a ton more.

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Valve did not confirm that 7.33 would release today, but 7.32 is already the longest patch at over 200 days. The addition of a new hero usually also signals a new number patch, and Valve has been heavy on teasers. If Valve explained that Muerta would come with a smaller patch, Dota 2 players would have taken it as less of a surprise. However, the lack of warning has turned 7.32e into a disappointment for many.

Dota 2 7.33 to release in April after Muerta release

After the disappointment of Dota 2 7.32e, Valve has confirmed that patch 7.33 will release in late April of 2023.

Shortly following the release of the patch, Dota 2 community manager Wykrhm Reddy confirmed on social media that there would be an additional patch in April. That patch will be the actual 7.33, with a lot more changes than the ones included in 7.32e. Valve itself even describes the update as “ambitious.”

While the Dread Reckoning update is small, 7.33 will likely more than makeup for it with several ability reworks and map changes. Multiple Dota 2 insiders have claimed that legendary developer IceFrog is back in control. If true, his return could give Valve confidence for larger changes. While 7.32e is a disappointment, it gives Dota 2 fans another thing to look forward to in 7.33.


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