Was MAD Lions quarterfinals run tarnished by drama?

By Nicholas James


Oct 27, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Reigning LEC champion MAD Lions fell out of the 2021 World Championship in the quarterfinals after an 0-3 series loss to DAMWON KIA. In the short time since, an investor for MAD Lions has drawn fan backlash after criticizing bot laner Matyáš “Carzzy” Orság.

MAD Lions were the only European roster to make it past the group stage of the 2021 World Championship. Shortly afterwards, a content creator and investor in MAD Lions by the name of Revenant made negative comments about the bot laner’s performance. However, Carzzy isn’t letting it phase him, and the MAD Lions’ Worlds 2021 run remains an impressive feat in a difficult year for the European region.

In a clip from his stream, Revenant diminishes MAD Lions’ play by describing Carzzy as having “no level” and otherwise criticizing his performance. Revenant suggests wanting to replace Carzzy with a substitute, and acknowledges that these sorts of comments are likely inappropriate as an owner, but he then dismisses such worries. These comments immediately drew ire from fans, personalities, and players alike. When Revenant posted an apology, Aaron “Medic” Chamberlain, a caster for the LEC, was one of many to return the favour of Revenant’s tone towards the MAD AD carry.

Carzzy himself responded to the drama, dismissing Revenant’s comments as coming from a place of ignorance.

The young marksman has proven himself as a top-level talent in the LEC, and his plans heading into the offseason remain unconfirmed. It’s possible Carzzy will look to find himself a home on another roster as the new season rolls in. MAD Lions also took the opportunity to clarify that Revenant was not a member of its ownership group, merely an investor, and further disavowed his comments.

MAD Lions’ brief window for Fandex glory

For those looking for bragging rights on Fandex‘s esports stock exchange, MAD Lions shares were a dangerous game this year. The initial hype around the roster pushed the price towards $11 early in the first week of play before plummeting down to $4.94 and remaining south of $10 until the end of the second week. MAD Lions seemed to be a doomed asset, but fans who were regularly checking the exchange had an opportunity to reap serious windfalls by offloading MAD Lions stocks acquired during its time in the red at the end of week two, when MAD’s price rocketed all the way back to $13.17.

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Once again, MAD’s run on Fandex proves that clever and attentive fans can capitalize on even the smallest of upsets to turn undervalued shares into better shares in consistent teams, like DAMWON KIA or T1 this year. Fandex’s competition continues all the way through the playoffs.


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