Worlds matchups

Here are the semi-finals matchups for the League of Legends World Championship 2021

By Olivia Richman


Oct 25, 2021

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Despite a reasonably close series expected between the North American and Korean sides, a swift 3-0 victory for Gen.G against Cloud9 now sees them move on to the semi-finals to complete the bracket draw.

With Gen.G progressing, each semi-final matchup is now in place with no Western sides making the cut. The only European team to reach the knockout stage, MAD Lions was also beaten 3-0 by LCK opposition with their earlier loss at the hands of Worlds holders DWG KIA.

Worlds 2021 Semi-Finals:

  • EDward Gaming vs Gen.G (October 30)
  • T1 vs DWG KIA (October 31)

The semi-finals will kick off with EDG vs Gen.G on Saturday, October 30th, with the Chinese side the only remaining team fighting for their region. T1 will then play DWG KIA the following day in an all-Korean matchup to see which of the powerhouses can make it through to the grand final.

LCK dominating Worlds

With Gen.G securing their place in the semi-finals, Korea’s LCK organizations impressively fill three of the four remaining spots. Their only team to go out so far, Hanwha Life Esports, was eliminated at the hands of fellow Koreans T1, meaning that no other region has yet knocked out an LCK side.

With LCK and Worlds holders DWG KIA hot favorites for the title, the region is making a solid case for once again being considered the strongest league in the World after LPL had stolen that crown in recent seasons.


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