VTuber Ironmouse ends subathon after 31 days, says she’s “free”

By Olivia Richman


Mar 7, 2022

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VTuber Ironmouse’s subathon has finally come to an end.

Ironmouse decided to start an uncapped subathon in February, adding to the clock every time she received a donation or subscription. The animated streamer saw huge success early on, becoming the most-subbed female Twitch streamer after just two weeks and then the most-subscribed streamer overall a few short days later. After 31 total days of streaming, Ironmouse’s subathon has come to an end.

How many subscribers does Ironmouse have after subathon?

On March 7, Ironmouse announced on stream that the subathon was over, exclaiming that she was now “free.”

Ironmouse ended the month-long subathon with over 170,000 active subscribers. Twitch Tracker shows her with 171,800 subscribers, with over 145,000 of them being gifted. Almost all of the subscriptions are Tier 1, which is $4.99 USD per month. Even if all of her subscriptions were Tier 1, that would total well over $850,000 in subscriptions to her channel.

It’s unclear how many subscribers will stay after this month, including the gifted subscribers that may not choose to renew their subscriptions after the free time period ends.

As subathons continue to find success, other streamers are starting to do them as well. Minecraft streamer Tubbo is currently doing a “Tubbothon,” gaining 40,000 subscribers in just six days. There are more smaller streamers that have been doing subathons for over 100 days.

“The fact anybody wants to spend any time with me at all is surprising to me. I don’t feel like a pretty interesting person, I feel like I’m relatively boring, and there’s a lot more people who are way more entertaining with me,” Ironmouse said. “I’ll never forget this month for the rest of my life. I’ll take these memories to my grave.”


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