We answer questions about Ironmouse, Twitch’s new top streamer

By Steven Rondina


Feb 21, 2022

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Ironmouse is now officially the top live streamer on Twitch, but who is Ironmouse?

The title of Twitch’s most-subscribed streamer has been bounced around between a few top streamers, but it’s often handed between a handful of the most popular and established streamers on the platform. That cycle was recently broken by relative newcomer Ironmouse.

The VTuber decided in February to run an uncapped sub-a-thon, where every subscription and Twitch bits donation of $5 or more added 15 seconds onto her timer. The event proved to be a smashing success, driving tens of thousands of subscriptions and frequent donations to the point that the event dragged on for multiple weeks. After almost two weeks, Ironmouse became the most-subscribed female streamer on Twitch. A few days later, she was the most-subscribed streamer overall. But who is Ironmouse, and what do we know about her? 

Who is Ironmouse?

Ironmouse is a VTuber that primarily broadcasts on Twitch.

The Ironmouse character is a demon who wound up in the mortal realm playing video games on Twitch. The real-life person behind Ironmouse is a woman from Puerto Rico.

Ironmouse is part of the VShojo group of streamers. This group is a network of western VTubers that operate on Twitch that currently has eight personalities on contract.

Has Ironmouse done a face reveal?

No, Ironmouse has not done a face reveal on Twitch or any other social media platform.

As with many other VTubers, Ironmouse’s real identity is a well-kept secret. Her face and real name are unknown and few details about her life have been made public. 

How much money does Ironmouse make?

Ironmouse has made $668,920.56 from Twitch subscriptions, bits, and ad revenue within a two-year span. This does not include other sources of revenue including other donation methods, sponsorships, or other paid partnerships.

The 2021 Twitch leak revealed that she was the 168th highest-earning streamer on Twitch. This tally placed her above some popular VTubers including Nyanners, Zentreya, and ProjektMelody.

Odds are that in the months since the leak, she has made considerably more money. Ironmouse enjoyed a run as the most-subscribed streamer on Twitch in February 2022 on the heels of a long sub-a-thon stream.

What sickness does Ironmouse have?

Ironmouse suffers from common variable immunodeficiency, also referred to as CVID. The Mayo Clinic describes CVID as “an immune system disorder that causes you to have low levels of the proteins that help fight infections.” The symptoms include “repeated infections in your ears, sinuses and respiratory system.” This can lead to an increased risk of a variety of maladies, including autoimmune disorders and digestive problems.

Ironmouse openly discusses the ailment on her streams. She acknowledges when troubles from her illness force her to take a break from streaming and talks about her treatments, particularly receiving plasma from blood donors.

Does Ironmouse have a boyfriend?

Ironmouse does not have a boyfriend or girlfriend, or at least she hasn’t publicly confirmed that she does.

As is often the case with collaborations between streamers, fans will often point to any available shred of potential evidence as proof of a real-life romance between two popular figures. This is particularly the case with Connor “CDawgVA” Colquhoun. However, there is no evidence to suggest that Ironmouse and CDawgVA are in a romantic relationship.

Where is Ironmouse from?

Ironmouse is known to be from Puerto Rico. 

Though the character Ironmouse is meant to be from the underworld, the real-life person behind the character is from Puerto Rico. She occasionally speaks Spanish on-air. Fans have further wondered city she lives in, how long she has lived in Puerto Rico, and whether or not she plans on moving from the country in the future.

What is VShojo

VShojo is a VTuber organization that includes the likes of ProjektMelody, Ironmouse, Zentreya, and many others. It differentiates itself from rival VTuber organization Hololive by primarily catering to western audiences and centering its operations around Twitch instead of YouTube.

The company was founded in 2020 by Twitch founder Justin Ignacio and YouTuber Phillip “Mowtendoo” Fortunat. VShojo says it takes a primarily hands-off approach to its sponsored streamers’ content, but various VShojo personalities collaborate with one another frequently, Ironmouse included.


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