Void Spirit is the new Dota 2 hero at The International 2019

Jared Wynne • August 24, 2019 9:35 am

Another new Dota 2 hero is premiered at the biggest esports tournament of the year.

Dota 2 developer Valve showed off the second of two new heroes making their debut at this year’s edition of The International. This latest hero is named Void Spirit, and he brings with him clear links to a few existing heroes already in the game.

Three spirit heroes have long been present in Dota 2: Ember Spirit, Earth Spirit, and Storm Spirit. Each was symoblized by a colored crystal. But there was also a fourth crystal, this one purple, and now fans know what it was all about. It represented the Void Spirit.

While the premier trailer featuring the hero didn’t give fans as good a look at him as some might have hoped for, he does appear to share some superficial similarities with the existing Void Seer hero, including his purple skin and white hair.

That may be where the similarities end.

New hero Void Spirit’s abilities


The Void Spirit was shown to be something of a watcher of the game’s other heroes. He creates a portal through which he teleports from the void into the arena, hinting at a likely teleportation ability. Teleportation isn’t a new mechanic to Dota 2, so it would be interesting to see what new spin the Void Spirit would bring to it.

The Void Spirit’s weapon was also revealed, a staff with twin blades on either end. Fans didn’t get to see the weapon in use however, as Void Spirit simply flourished it around before the debut was brought to an end.

No release date was given for Void Spirit. This is the second of two new Dota 2 heroes to debut at The International, with the first being Snapfire.


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