New Dota 2 hero Snapfire revealed at The International 2019

By Steven Rondina


Aug 23, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

A new Dota 2 hero is coming.

During day four of The International 2019’s main event, Snapfire was revealed. The new hero was unveiled in a lengthy cinematic trailer.

Snapfire has the appearance and voice of an elderly woman. She has bright red skin similar to Axe and Disruptor, but wears relatively normal clothing, including a leather bomber jacket.

During the trailer she is shown in two separate battles, which likely hint at her abilities.

New Dota 2 hero Snapfire abilities


The first shows her throwing a cookie to an Invoker. This suggests she could have some manner of support skill that empowers allies using baked goods, though the exact benefits remain unclear.

After, she engages in a battle against Batrider and Timbersaw over said cookies.

She summons a giant lizard that has a similar appearance to Toothless from the How to Train Your Dragon movie series, who chases after Timbersaw and Batrider. At one point, she pulls out a shotgun and fires at Timbersaw. She chases the enemy heroes after mounting the lizard, who has an anti-air gun mounted to its saddle and is capable of spitting lava.

Though it is unclear how much of this was done for theatrical purposes, this likely hints at some of her abilities.

The fact she is shown fighting both on and off the lizard suggests she might have some sort of ability similar to Dragon Knight or Terrorblade where her fighting capabilities can be changed. The cookies being used to empower an ally is almost certainly a hint that she will have some support capabilities, and the repeated use of guns hints that she will likely be a ranged attacker.

Snapfire release date in Dota 2


Last year, Grimstroke was given the “available now” treatment. Fans aren’t quite so lucky this year, but won’t have to wait long. The trailer concludes with “fall 2019,” suggesting she will be released within the next few months.

Of course, there are no guarantees with Valve.

The newest hero, Mars, was revealed at The International 2018 and promised to be released “this winter,” but was not released until the following March.

Either way, this is something for Dota 2 fans to get excited for.