Valornt Kuronami bundle has a unique duel-wielding melee

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 25, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant players may want to save some money over the holidays because leakers have revealed a hot new melee as part of the upcoming Kuronami bundle.

Riot has recently rolled out multiple well-received skin bundles, but skins just don’t create as much hype among the Valorant players anymore. This is likely because new designs are based on previous bundles, but it seems Riot is now experimenting with a new melee concept. 

Credible leakers have dug out an in-game screenshot of a new melee called “Kuronami No Yaiba,” a dual knife with a silver chain. 

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Valorant Kuronami bundle leaked 

Kuronami bundle is a breath of fresh air for Valorant skin enthusiasts. With its unique purple color, muted design, and clean animation, the bundle is already making the rounds on social media. Players are singing praises for the Vandal, but the Kuronami No Yaiba melee is the true star of the show. 

Two tiny daggers are connected with a flimsy chain that allows for swinging animation. The sharp daggers are made from rusted metal with a slight color on the handle. They are understated but perfect for the fans of animated skins in Valorant. 

Vandal is much simpler, with familiar Reaver carvings and color, but it seems to have a unique animation as well. Kuronami bundle comes in four variants: Black, grey, blue/white, and green. However, Riot hasn’t yet confirmed it. 

Valorant Kuronami bundle price 

The price and release date of the Kuronami bundle is currently unknown, but it may cost some extra cash due to the fancy knife. It may cost somewhere around 8,855 Valorant Points, including four gun skins, one melee skin, a gun buddy, a player card, and a spray.

The Kuronami bundle may be released on January 9, 2024, when the current Valorant Episode 7, Act 3 ends.