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New Valorant sniper Outlaw price and details leaked

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 19, 2023

Reading time: 1 min

The leakers weren’t trolling. The Outlaw sniper is real, and it’s coming soon to Valorant. 

Credible leakers rocked the Valorant community in October when they shared an image of an unseen weapon. Shaped like a Marshal, the speculated Outlaw sniper stirred doubt among many regarding the leak’s authenticity, with most inclined to believe it was a doctored image of the in-game inventory.

It turns out that Outlaw is, in fact, a real weapon that is currently under development but will debut sooner than anyone expects. 

Outlaw sniper is coming to Valorant 

According to credible dataminers, Outlaw will be available to equip in Valorant Episode 8, which starts January 8 or 9 in 2024. 

The original leak included a mere prototype image of the weapon. It was a leaked screenshot from the buy menu, and players couldn’t make out much besides that it looked like a sniper. More information has been revealed, showing Outlaw as an overpowered weapon. 

Leaks confirm Outlaw is indeed a sniper that fires two bullets at a time, like Shorty. Each shot does 140 damage, but this number hasn’t yet been confirmed. Similar to Shorty, the user must reload the weapon before firing another round. 

In any case, Outlaw will be able to eliminate a half-armored enemy with a single shot. It will debut without animations, so players will have plenty of time to get a hang of it without any distractions. 

Valorant sniper Outlaw price 

The exact price of the weapon hasn’t yet been confirmed, but leaks suggest it will be priced at 2,400 creds. 

As compared to Marshal, Outlaw is priced fairly. It may sound overpowered, but it’s worth noting that each round has only two bullets. So, Outlaw users must have a crisp aim to squeeze full juice out of the 2,400 creds price tag.