Game mode Cypher's Revenge in Valorant

Valorant unveils 1v5 game mode Cypher’s Revenge for April Fools’

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 1, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

A new game mode dubbed Cypher’s Revenge in Valorant is so good players wish it weren’t an April Fool’s joke. 

Last year in April, Riot trolled the community with agents of romance, a romantic game mode outside of Valorant. This time, the developer is taking things to a whole new level by rolling out fake patch notes that removed the Vandal from Valorant and a trailer for in-game mode. It features action, game lore, and Cypher not dying for once. 

Cypher has a history of dying in Valorant trailers, but this time he’s out for revenge. The new 1v5 game mode hands a gun to Cypher’s camera and provides him with an unlimited supply of Tripwires and more. 

What’s Cypher’s Revenge in Valorant? 

Cypher’s Revenge is a new game mode for April Fools’ day in Valorant. This mode pits Cypher against all Valorant agents as he takes revenge for dying in almost all cinematics. 

The trailer beings with Cypher thinking back to every single time he died an anti-climactic death in Valorant. The agent then gears up to seek revenge, equipping himself with armored cameras, a dozen traps, and death-dealing Cages.

In this game mode, Cypher is buffed beyond Valorant’s skill cycle. As a result, he has teleported outside of the playable area and shot enemies when they expect him the least. Not just that, Cypher is also immune to all flashes as he takes down foes while entirely blind. Even his ultimate can deal death in this 1v5. 

How to get the Here I am Spray in Valorant 

Cypher's Revenge spray in Valorant

While this game mode may not be real, a spray that celebrates Cypher and April Fools’ day can be claimed. Players can get the spray where Cypher is surrounded by many guns by logging in before April 8. The Here I am Spray is inspired by John Wick and is definitely worth adding to your inventory.