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Valorant team forfeits match due to one player’s Honkai: Star Rail addiction

By Olivia Richman


May 4, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

A Valorant team forfeited a Valorant Challengers League match due to one of the players deciding to grind Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail has become one of the most popular Gacha games, with over 20 million downloads in just one single day. The game has become many people’s obsessions, including some pro Valorant players, apparently.

On May 2, Ghost CommandoS forfeited a Valorant Challengers League Taiwan/Hong Kong match against S2 Esports. Why? One of their players was allegedly too distracted by Honkai: Star Rail and didn’t download the VCT client in time.

Valorant community reacts to VCT match forfeit

The reaction to the news has largely been that of amusement. A lot of people reacted with variations of “I can’t blame him,” admitting that they themselves have become addicted to the game and its “waifus.”

While “totally understandable,” it’s still pretty disappointing that a Valorant team forfeited when they are supposed to be trying their hardest to prove themselves on a journey to the top. Unfortunately, every player has to install a different VCT client weekly, and this player was unlucky enough to forget while distracted with Honkai: Star Rail.

Ghost CommandoS finished eight in the current Challengers League Taiwan/Hong Kong season. Luckily there’s another season ahead if they wish to prove they are more than waifu-obsessed Gacha addicts.

Who is the best waifu in Honkai Star Rail?

If you ask any sane gamer, they will tell you that Himeko is the best waifu in Honkai: Star Rail. Even before the game launched, fans were in love with her Ultimate skill. And when the game launched, her entrance made her even more desirable. Gamers are all saving their Star Rail Passes for her. And even missing Valorant matches for her.