Valorant streamer hits Immortal with only Classic, wows community

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 6, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

As if hitting Immortal wasn’t already a tall order, this Valorant streamer did it using only Classic. 

Immortal is the highest Valorant rank, accommodating only the top cream in the game. However, acquiring the red badge is no walk in the park. You must have a crisp aim, communication skills, ability usage, and an equally skilled duo. Getting to Immortal by the book is no easy feat, but this streamer follows no rule and needs no pricey weapon

Valorant streamer RoyalG has hit Immortal using only the default pistol, Classic, and fans can’t believe it. 

RoyalG hits Immortal with a Classic only 

Valorant pistol

Ranked players carefully pick their weapons before each round to deliver their best. Unfortunately, when it’s time to save money, players often eyeball the pistol round with no real effort to win against primary rifles. It isn’t easy. But, RoyalG stuck with the default pistol for 5 acts and finally reached his goal of hitting the highest rank. 

RoyalG streamed for 51 days across 5 Valorant acts, with only a Classic before he finally reached Immortal. Valorant fans who struggle to do the same with a pricey Vandal are now envious as the streamer receives praises left and right. NRG’s streamer Chris “Flexinja” Irvine also vouched for his skills as he played against him in one of the games. 

“I was the Jett on the other team. I’ve never seen my team fumble so many 1v1s vs a Classic congrats!” Flexinja said.

While it’s undoubtedly a big milestone, some Valorant fans aren’t pleased. The community has long complained about Immortal streamers pulling weird stunts, which ultimately mar their games. Now, RoyalG is pretty good at the pistol. Still, many think it’s unfair to serious Valorant players who are just trying to win and rank up. 

While streamers like RoyalG don’t necessarily harm the game’s integrity or fun, many purposefully throw the game, trying to get clips for their streams. Whatever the case, ranked games should be taken seriously.