Valorant Run It Back

Valorant Run It Back bundle returns with Reaver Phantom

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 25, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Riot is on a roll! The developer just pulled back the veil on a new Ultra collection, and now leakers claim that a new Run It Back is also in the pipeline. 

Valorant has a limited rotating store featuring only four slots. This means that if a skin goes out of the market, the chances of a return are slim. However, Riot Games likes to bring back sought-after items through the Run It Back and Give Back series. The developer just revealed the Radiant Entertainment System, and now leaks have unveiled a brand new Run It Back bundle. 

ValorLeaks says Run It Back is on the horizon, including some of the highly requested weapon skins. The series happens after every few months, so those who can’t afford the recent priciest bundle can still add some skins to their inventory without emptying their wallet. 

Unlike Give Back, Riot randomly picks out skins for the Run It Back collection. But players would like the skins in the latest series. So here’s everything in the Run It Back bundle.

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  • Origin Frenzy
  • Sovereign Marshall
  • Neptune Guardian
  • Reaver Phantom
  • Cryostasis Operator

The Reaver Phantom is the skin players would be most excited about out of the bundle. Reaver is generally Valorant’s most loved bundle for its legacy and dark color scheme. Those who couldn’t buy the purple bundle in patch 5.03 should cop this one instantly. 

Buying all sought-after skins in a single place is certainly cheaper than buying full bundles of weapons that you didn’t want. Conversely, Run It Back includes an assortment of the most popular skins only, making it an attractive option for thrifty players.

The exact release date of the bundle is unknown, but it should follow after Radiant Entertainment System. Riot may officially announce the bundle soon, so players shouldn’t feel disheartened if they can’t afford the hefty $125 Radiant Entertainment System in Valorant