Valorant rank up is locked if you know this secret bug on Fracture

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 25, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Fracture is a decent location, but it’s not precisely a favorite due to the high learning curve. Fracture’s defense is tricky, but clever players have discovered a game-breaking bug that can help.

Fracture’s unique layout is a handful. You may be able to bag a few rounds on the attack, but defense is a different tale. Keeping attackers at bay on Fracture is no picnic because typical controllers aren’t the most viable here. Sentinels can help, but still, Fracture is a high-effort map. 

For this reason, lazy players have discovered a bug that lets them deal damage from safety. Unfortunately, the bug is so overpowered that it basically warrants a rank-up if you start on the defender’s side. 

Valorant Fracture bug is too powerful 

The top metal floor on A site is typically used to pick a duel from an odd angle. After patch 5.07, there’s no longer a safe spot to hide, so clearly, this bug comes with a catch. Those willing to try the bug must take the risk and stay quiet until the Spike goes down. 

The metal’s right side has an invisible hole that allows the utility to pass throw. You may toss in a grenade, dart, beasts, and even a flash to pull the agents on the first floor by their hair. Now, here’s what makes this bug so overpowered: All the utility falls on the two most-used Spike plant spots, i.e., the long corner and default area. 

If you throw in Raze’s grenade, it will damage the Spike carrier on both spots. And we are talking death-dealing damage. But it’s not the grenades that are dangerous. In five-stack situations, an intel-gathering device can spell chaos for the attackers. Imagine tossing Sova’s dart right as the Spike goes down, revealing every single attacker under the roof. Defenders can push in and take down all vulnerable enemies. 

Valorant map Fracture

For all these reasons, this is an incredibly game-breaking bug that defenders can exploit in order to rank up quicker. The sad part is: You don’t need a particular agent to pull it off. So whether you’re a Killjoy or a Brimstone, this glitch favors everyone—at least all agents with tossable abilities. 

Hopefully, Riot will patch this Valorant bug on Fracture soon. But until then, beware of Fracture’s rooftop and expect random utility to rain on top of you. Unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid it unless you have a well-timed Kay/O knife to shut down enemies on A-site.