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Valorant rank distribution explains why you’re stuck in Silver

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 18, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant’s recent stats have revealed that both noobs and pros are rare, showing Silver as the most crowded rank. 

It’s no secret that most Valorant players are Silver, but which rank is the least crowded? According to recent stats, skilled and new players are rare in Valorant, taking up only 1% of the space on the chart combined. has revealed an updated rank distribution in Valorant, and it doesn’t look much different from the past charts. Silver is still the saturated rank, housing the majority of the players. However, only a few make the cut to Diamond. As ranks increase, players continue to get filtered out, making Radiant the ultimate holy grail. 

According to the stats, Radiant has less than 1% of the players. This number doesn’t match with any other rank in Valorant, but Iron 1 comes pretty close. Only 0.8% of players in Valorant are Iron 1, so all hope is still not lost. Most Valorant players are just naturally better than Iron 1.

Valorant rank distribution

Bronze and Gold look similar as the second most crowded division in Valorant. Bronze 3 and Gold 1 alone house about 17% of Valorant’s population, explaining why the competition is so tough in the initial ranks. 

Why can’t you get out of Silver in Valorant?

Silver is also known as the “ELO hell” among the Valorant players for being a rank where the majority gets “hardstuck.” The new Valorant rank distribution explains the reason. 

Silver is the most crowded rank in Valorant, which means that while the skill ceiling may not be as high, the competition is tough due to the population. There are more players representing hundreds of different playstyles that players must tackle daily. Few make it out of Silver unscathed, and most give up on trying, leading to stagnant accounts. 

This is part of the reason competition feels tough in Silver, even though skill-ceiling isn’t sky-high. However, determined players may breeze through the ELO hell with no difficulty.