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Valorant rank distribution shows most players are Silvers

By Fariha Bhatti


May 10, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant Radiants are still rare, with Silver being the most populated tier. Here’s the updated rank distribution for 2023.

Valorant players were overcrowding the Silver ranks, prompting the developer to squeeze in a green Ascendant badge between Diamond and Immortal. It did help with oversaturation but failed to destroy the ELO hell that still abodes most players.

According to the updated Valorant rank distribution, Silver is still the most populated Valorant rank, and Radiants are scarce. Here is the accurate rank distribution for Valorant in 2023.

Iron 0.7%Platinum 5.9%
Iron 22.4%Platinum 24.8%
Iron 35.6%Platinum 34.2%
Bronze 5.8%Diamond 3.9%
Bronze 27.0%Diamond 22.9%
Bronze 36.8%Diamond 32.2%
Silver 8.2%Ascendant 1.8%
Silver 27.4%Ascendant 21.2%
Silver 37.4%Ascendant 30.8%
Gold 7.4%Immortal 0.6%
Gold 26.6%Immortal 20.2%
Gold 36.1%Immortal 30.2%

Most Valorant players are hard-stuck Silvers

Silver houses 23% of all Valorant players as the most populated rank. Each tier of Silver has more than 5% of players, with Silver 1 being the most saturated tier. This figure proves that either players find it difficult to progress past Silver and quit Valorant, or there are too many smurfs starting their grind from Silver.

In both cases, the ELO hell theory thrives. Getting out of Silver rank in Valorant is no cakewalk. You’ll either be met with highly skilled players returning to their stagnant accounts or Radiant smurfs boosting their friends. For these reasons, players often spend months struggling in the ELO trench before finally setting foot in Platinum, which has 14.9% of all players.

Valorant agent 14

Radiant, however, remains the least populated and most desirable, with only 0.03% of players making the cut. Immortal is also highly coveted, as it houses a mere 1% of the entire Valorant player base. Clearly, climbing ranks in Valorant is no picnic.

If anything, it’s proof that Valorant is no “children’s game,” and you’re not the only one hard stuck in Silver. Most Valorant players are following the same script of spending months in Silver and then either giving up or sticking to the grind. Those with solid resolve end up becoming part of the rare 1% immortals.