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Valorant pro sicK moves to Kick after threatening to sue Twitch

By Fariha Bhatti


May 24, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Like most Twitch-rejected streamers, Hunter “sicK” Mims has found a new home in Kick after receiving a two weeks ban from the purple banner. 

sicK has been showcasing what would be defined as “erratic behavior” by his acquaintances for weeks now. Amid all this, he has been benched by Sentinels, received backlash from the community, and support from his well-wishers. But now, he’s been banned from Twitch for two weeks, and sicK isn’t taking it well. 

The former Sentinels’ main gun has threatened to sue Twitch and has already migrated to Kick. Unsurprisingly, he loves it there. 

“Kick is actually quite nice. I might even be streaming full-time there. The UI is clean, and there are less stupid rules. Plus, their staff already reached out to me, unlike Twitch. Might be a sponsorship opportunity here,” he said. 

sicK is already looking to make a deal with Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam, whatever that entails. So, clearly, he’s made himself home at Kick, but he’s not letting Twitch off the hook that easy. According to sicK, Twitch’s support has been useless, and he’s seeking legal help to tackle the bans. 

“I have a lot of influence these days, so it would be wise to unban me. But I’m not going to just not stream for two more weeks. It’s absurd,” he tweeted.

It’s still unknown what resulted in a harsh two-week ban against sicK, but his tweets aren’t looking rational either. Fans can’t pinpoint if sicK’s trolling the entire community or if he’d actually run for president in 2034, but most are concerned for his well-being. sicK has considered seeking help, but there’s no update on that so far. 

It remains to be seen how sicK vs. Twitch mania unfolds, but fans can follow all of it on sicK’s brand new Kick channel, where he currently boasts 1,700 followers.

What happened to sicK?

sicK Valorant

On May 9, it was reported that sicK was arrested again for criminal trespassing. Since his release from jail, the pro player has been on a Twitter rampage. SicK is claiming the FBI is after him. He has been consistently sending tweets at United States President Joe Biden.

The Valorant community is concerned that sicK is unwell and are urging him to get off Twitter and find a therapist.