Valorant pro SicK arrested for criminal trespassing, again

By Fariha Bhatti


May 10, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Sentinels’ benched Valorant pro Hunter “SicK” Mims is once under the spotlight for alleged criminal trespassing. According to sources close to SicK, the Valorant pro is not in his best mental state.

SicK landed into the public eye after his online controversy related to his ex-girlfriend, who accused him of infidelity. As the situation exacerbated, so did SicK’s bizarre tweets. Soon after, the streamer and pro player got into bigger legal trouble that ultimately got him benched from Sentinels.

After being released from prison in March, SicK is once again the topic of discussion.

According to George Geddes, the Valorant pro was arrested on May 8 for criminal trespassing, the same reason as his previous arrest — where he harassed a car dealership. Reports claim that he was released on May 9, but the Valorant community is worried about his well-being.

Valorant pro SicK arrested, again


After his previous arrest, sicK’s tweets became more “normal.” However, a day before his recent jail visit, the streamer had once again started posting alarming tweets, raising concerns among the community. His former teammate ShahZam also came forward and requested the community to ignore him as he’s not himself.

“Hey guys, I have Sick blocked so I can make this tweet. He’s not himself right now, please try your best to ignore his tweets and erratic behavior for now. I promise this isn’t who he is. Thanks for being understanding,” ShahZam said.

Fans could also notice his erratic behavior on a livestream, where sicK appeared to be under the influence. Clearly, the Valorant pro isn’t in the best mental state. It’s unknown who’s taking care of sicK at this challenging time, but earlier, Sentinels reportedly flew his sister so he could be around family.

Whatever the case, sicK remains a reputable pro in Valorant for his storied history. It’s unfortunate that he’s struggling with mental health, but fans are continuing to send support and best wishes.