Sentinels SicK

“He’s not himself right now”: ShahZaM blocks SicK on Twitter

By Olivia Richman


May 7, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The Valorant community is growing concerned for Sentinels’ former player Hunter “SicK” Mims as his social media posts become more perplexing.

G2 pro Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan tweeted late last night that he blocked SicK on Twitter so he could warn others in the esports industry that he’s “not himself right now.” ShahZaM added that people should ignore his tweets and “erratic behavior” since this isn’t truly who SicK is.

“Thanks for being understanding,” ShahZaM tweeted.

In response to being blocked, SicK called out ShahZaM with a tweet of his own: “What is the issue? You don’t understand the situation or what?!!!”

But looking through SicK’s Twitter doesn’t paint a flattering picture of the Valorant pro. His most recent tweets include calling out for the government to be abolished and other similar tirades, posting his marijuana memorabilia, and claiming he’s going to get into business and politics.

In response, Valorant fans have urged SicK to get help, clearly noticing the strange way he’s been tweeting. Many have replied to his ramblings by saying that they care about him and are “genuinely concerned.” Others simply told him to “log off” or delete the tweets from the past few days.

Is SicK still with Sentinels?

This odd and concerning behavior for SicK is sadly nothing new. The Sentinels sub was arrested in March for criminal trespassing, stemming from a time he refused to leave a Ferrari dealership. After hearing of the arrest, ShahZaM begged SicK to answer his calls.

Later, Sentinels stated that the org planned to pay his $5,000 bail. This would allow the troubled player to be picked up by a family member that the team flew down to Texas, hoping to get him the support he needs. Before the arrest, SicK was temporarily benched for ongoing mental health issues.

As of right now, SicK is still a part of the organization but is inactive. It’s unclear what will happen after the confusing string of tweets that had esports fans concerned.