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Valorant pro competes in online tournament from a hospital bed

By Olivia Richman


Apr 18, 2023

Reading time: 1 min

You’ve heard the term “ball is life,” but maybe it should be “game is life,” specifically Valorant. A competitive player recently brought his setup to the hospital to compete in an online tournament.

Niko “polvi” Polvinen is a pro Valorant player that’s currently competing for OnlyFins, an organization-less Finnish team. The team has been dominating C-tier online tournaments in Europe, proving that the squad is willing to grind in hopes of getting signed.

Valorant player doesn’t let crotch abscess stop him from competing

polvi has especially proven his dedication to Valorant after finding himself in the hospital when a tournament was coming up.

Instead of dropping out of the online tournament due to an “abscess on his crotch,” polvi asked doctors if he could bring his setup to the hospital so he could compete while being hospitalized overnight. Many players commended polvi for his absolute dedication to grinding Valorant, but some criticized him for not taking time to rest.

While many joked about the abscess and wondered why esports insider Jake Lucky had to tell everyone where it was on his body, others noted that this condition is no joke and can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Despite his medical condition and being stuck in a hospital, polvi set up his battle station to compete in an online tournament, proving that nothing will stop his grind.

Unfortunately, OnlyFins didn’t end up winning. But polvi has won the Valorant community’s heart for refusing to quit playing the game he loves no matter what the situation is.