Spike skins in Valorant

Valorant players want new Spike skins after fan designs Ion Spike

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 7, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

New weapon skins are always a welcome addition in Valorant, but fans want more. One player has fans excited after designing an Ion Spike to show that Valorant could use some new bomb skins.

Riot Games has released more than 30 skin bundles in Valorant since the game’s release in 2020. Each collection has an immersive theme and color palette. Despite plenty of existing bundles, players continue asking for new premium lines. It’s safe to say that weapon skins have become a necessity for many, but fans are now eyeing other in-game equipment. One talented player and artist has designed a Spike skin in Valorant using the popular Ion theme, and fans are loving it.

Valorant player designs Ion Spike skin

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A player named Thyros.exe revealed his take on Spike cosmetics on Twitter, quickly gaining an overwhelming response from Valorant skin fanatics. One look at Thyros’ design and players were convinced that Riot should add Spike cosmetics to Valorant. 

It makes sense why the artist chose the Ion theme to design the Spike. After all, it’s is one of the most desired skins in Valorant. Players eagerly wait for Ion Phantom to appear in their market, which has become a must-have for its stark white body and contrasting electric blue accents. The minimal and futuristic skin set has become a part of many players’ inventories. So when Thyros.exe unveiled his unique invention for the Spike, it immediately had fans on their toes eager to buy a new Spike skin in Valorant.

The game currently doesn’t have skins for anything other than its weapons. Players have long been requesting Spike skins in Valorant, and this visual example has intensified their demands. These fans are willing to spend big money to get their hands on a sleek-looking Spike. 

Should there be Spike skins in Valorant? 

There are currently no Spike skins in Valorant, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to add them in the game, and players definitely seem willing to pay for them.

Unique bomb cosmetics would surely add spice to ranked games. Bomb skins will simply mean a more extravagant inventory for collectors. Each player would bring in a different Spike skin, and whoever plants the Spike will get to show off their luxurious collection. However, these may cost players a lot of money, maybe even more than premium weapon skins. 

While it’s uncertain that Riot will ever roll out Spike skins, it shouldn’t be ruled out entirely. Players are already eagerly buying new bundles, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the developer decides to add more cosmetics in the form of Spike skins in Valorant.