Valorant players disappointed with Night Market, call for a rework

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 1, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Players are no longer happy with Valorant’s skin thrift store, Night Market, and are calling for a rework. According to the community, the skins are cheap, repetitive, and boring. 

Like every other Act, Riot took to social media and announced the next Valorant Night Market, a store featuring skins at a cut price. Depending on the skin tier, the discount can range between 8% to 50%. It’s a great way for players to grab sought-after cosmetics without breaking the bank. 

However, as Valorant ages, the Night Market model is less viable than it was before. Previously, players could purchase pricey Premium skins, but now options are becoming limited. The charm of the Night Market keeps decreasing with each patch, urging players to call for a rework. 

Valorant Night Market rework

Why is Night Market not good in Valorant?

The Night Market in Valorant only features Deluxe, Select, and Premium skins. As players purchase older skins, the available options in the Night Market become limited, making it less exciting with each patch.

Exlusive and Ultra tier skins are not eligible for Night Market sale, and players often rush to buy newer Premium skins. Since many Valorant players already own Premium skins, the thrift store only has Deluxe and Select options, which are not as desirable.

Now, players are asking Riot to rework the store to suit the current skin market in Valorant. However, it’s unknown how Riot could possibly work with the given scenario, considering Ultra and Exclusive skins are coveted due to their scarce nature and high price tag.

Players have recommended adding re-rolls, which could be a reasonable addition. It seems that Night Market would need to be remodeled from scratch in order to satisfy the skin enthusiasts. 

When is the next Valorant Night Market?

The next Valorant Night Market in episode 8 is on April 8 and will run through April 29.