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Does the Night Market change in Valorant?

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 15, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Night Market has returned to Valorant, but as always, a section of players are dissatisfied with the random goodies in their thrift store. These players are now wondering if it’s possible to change the Night Market. 

Night Market regularly appears in Valorant once every two months. Players would notice a new card appear on the menu for the Night Market, Valorant’s infamous thrift store. This stays for nearly 19 days, featuring otherwise expensive weapons at a very reduced rate.

While Valorant Night Market brings glad tidings for those with stellar luck, it can be disappointing for some. Valorant Night Market depends entirely on players’ luck and previous shopping history, which is why some players are never satisfied with the items in their shop.

Is it possible to refresh Night Market skins? 

Vandal skin in Valorant

In 2023, it’s not possible to swap skins in Night Market. 

The items available in the Night Market are randomly generated for each player, and the selection is based on the player’s past purchases and playtime. Once the Night Market is available, the items shown are fixed, and players cannot refresh or change them.

However, if players do not find any items they like in their Night Market, they can wait for the next event when the Night Market offers a new selection of items.

Why is my Night Market so bad? 

If you’re one of the players who’re never satisfied with the Night Market, your purchase history could be the reason. Valorant Night Market features at least two premium skins, which means every player should get at least one sought-after cosmetic in their store. But if you’re still getting an awful selection, it’s likely because you already own all the coveted skins. 

Night Market will only bring skins that players don’t currently own. So, if you have already purchased the highly-desired Prime, Glitchpop, Magepunk, and more bundles, the chances of good skins appearing will become less.