Valorant players demand melee gun buddy after odd bug

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 25, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Gun buddies are strictly for weapons but one Valorant player somehow got a charm on his melee, and the community loves it. 

Valorant has numerous in-game cosmetics, but gun buddies are the cutest and most affordable. Those who can’t purchase the pricey skins opt for unique weapons charms to add some colors to their default skins. Unfortunately, these tiny buddies are only available for guns, not knives. However, an odd bug has done the impossible.

A player named JL1ha shared a clip with the Valorant community, showcasing gun buddies on his melee. He tried many charms, but the bug didn’t go away or even malfunctioned. Instead, the application was smooth as butter. 

Valorant melee gets a gun buddy thanks to a bug

After seeing that it’s actually possible to put a gun buddy on a knife, players are now demanding that it be a proper feature. The player who shared the clip has a bug to thank, but the community thinks it could make for a decent feature. The charms looked cute on the knife and added a fun touch to a rather scary weapon. 

Valorant melee

Some fans also theorized that the smooth application could mean it was already a feature, and Riot scratched it out after it was fully developed. Either that, or it’s an upcoming skin feature in Valorant that accidentally got triggered before release. Fans claim there must be an explanation for this glitch that didn’t look like a glitch. 

It remains to be seen if Riot takes player recommendations into question and adds this feature. It’s not unthinkable, considering the gun buddies didn’t look out of place, and sat perfectly on the fancy knife. Adding this as a feature would only rake in more money for Riot and give skin collectors a new reason to spend VP on Valorant.