Valorant players are exploiting Lotus’ broken doors

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 20, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Lotus is a new map in Valorant, which is why players had expected glitches. But its rotating door is actually littered with bugs. 

Valorant’s map nine is complex and challenging, but players are eventually finding their footing. Since it’s still new, bugs were given. However, players have noticed game-breaking glitches with Lotus’ revolving doors. The loud barriers are providing select agents with wall hacks. 

Right before patch 6.01, Riot toned down the loud doors, but it seems they needed some more time in the workshop. Some Valorant agents are exploiting Lotus’ noisy revolving doors to get a benefit over enemies.

Valorant map Lotus’ doors are bugged 

Valorant map Lotus

Each Valorant mp typically has a unique gimmick, so when Pearl was rolled without one, players were bummed. Riot brought the special features back in the form of Lotus’ revolving doors, but they are bugged. 

Killjoy, Cypher, and Pheonix are having a ball on Lotus, as the four agents can basically see through the solid barriers. With the help of their respective utilities, the agents can bypass the doors and gain an unfair advantage. 

All they have to do is squeeze their utility in the middle of the rotating doors to get a peak on both sides, even when the barriers are closed.

Here’s how each agent achieves the wall hack using this bug. 

  • Cypher sticks his camera in the middle before the door closes. Typically, the door should destroy the camera. Instead, it operates just as normal and provides a peak on both sides. 
  • Phoenix activates his ultimate in the middle of the door before it closes and walks away. When Run It Back ends, Pheonix spawns at the ult spot, but he has a clear view of both sides. 
  • Killjoy places her Turret before the door shuts down and stands behind the robot. Instead of being pushed away, the door lets Killjoy pick a fight on both sides of the barrier. 

Clearly, it’s a scenario similar to Bind’s teleporter. The agents were not glitching. Instead, it was the door that required a map reset to be fixed. Lotus’ teleporters are letting agents with relevant abilities gain unfair information. 

While the barriers are indeed an exciting addition, Riot must fix them quickly. It’s a pivotal spot on the map, and players having control over both sides will eventually break Lotus. The bug’s severity is unclear, so it’s unknown if Riot would disable Lotus or fix it while keeping it in the pool. 

What’s the best agent to play on Lotus? 

Yoru is currently the best duelist to run on Lotus. If you want to play support, opt for Killjoy in order to lock down an entire site.