Valorant agent Killjoy's Nanoswarm bug is a menace on Lotus

Valorant agent Killjoy’s Nanoswarm bug is a menace on Lotus

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 19, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Whenever Riot releases a new Valorant map, Killjoy is often the first to bug out. On map nine Lotus, her Nanoswarms have become a serious threat to the defenders. 

The latest Valorant map, Lotus, is a labyrinth. Crammed with rat corners, alleys, and secret passageways, Lotus won’t make it easy for defenders to hold ground. As if the confusing layout wasn’t enough, Killjoy’s toolkit is acting unintentionally against the defenders. Defusing the Spike will become a tall order if this bug stays. 

A brand new bug lets Killjoy slip her cute cutters inside a wall. Similar to a glitch on Split and Fracture, this one prevents defenders from lurking anywhere near the ticking bomb. 

Killjoy bug on Lotus is deadly

Lotus is Killjoy’s map due to ample flank opportunities. Her kit on Lotus is already deadly, but a glitch is making her unfairly overpowered. Lethal Nanoswarms don’t rest until they kill an enemy once activated. Luckily, they create a silent buzzing sound, alerting enemies of their presence. When spotted, enemies can destroy them with a few bullets. But they are invincible when hidden in rat corners. 

The ultimate post-plant tool, Nanoswarm, is now sticking inside a solid wall on Lotus’ bomb point. It’s game-breaking because enemies can’t shoot the tiny cutters and must wait for them to complete their span.

By following a careful two-step setup, players can toss the tiny devices behind a wall. Once they’re inside, they’re gone for the rest of the round. Attackers would then plant the Spike right outside the deadly wall and activate the swarms upon defusing sound cue. 

If defenders try to commit to defusing the Spike, their death is warranted. Nanoswarms deal heavy damage of 45/s, meaning two are capable of killing more than one enemy. If defenders retreat and wait for the swarms to settle, they’d waste about eight seconds, providing the attackers with plenty of time to strategize around vulnerable enemies.

In any way, this Nanoswam bug on Lotus is game-breakingly good. Since the map is still new, bugs were expected. But malicious players may capitalize on these glitches to quickly gather up MMR. So, until the bug is fixed, make sure you pick a Kay/O to disable a nearby Killjoy before defusing the Spike. So far, there’s no other cure for the unfair Nanoswarms. 

How to use Killjoy’s ultimate 

Killjoy Valorant

Killjoy’s Lockdown device detains all enemies caught in its radius, but it can also be destroyed. Place it at safe spots to take control of a bomb point on the attacker’s side. On defense, use it when your team struggles with guarding a particular area.

Always wait for eight seconds before jumping inside Lockdown’s AoE to pick a fight with enemies. Agents only get detained during the last few seconds of the Lockdown ability. So if you’re retaking as the defenders, wait a few seconds before jumping back into the site after using Lockdown.