Valorant agent Viper

Valorant patch 6.11 buffs Chamber, Viper nerfed

By Fariha Bhatti


May 27, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

It’s a great day to be a Chamber main, as Valorant patch 6.11 aims to buff his kit. However, Viper mains will absolutely hate the new patch. 

Chamber has always been Riot’s trouble child. He was so powerful that Riot had to nerf him before even considering tweaks for fellow sentinels. However, after being nerfed to the ground, Chamber is returning to the field with a stronger Tour De Force and Trademark, according to ValorantLeaksEN.

Valorant patch 6.11 will buff Chamber’s kit to make it as viable as other sentinels. The focus would be on his Trademark (camera device) and Tour De Force (the golden Operator). 

What are all the Chamber buffs?

Chamber in Valorant

Chamber will now be able to use his camera at a larger range. Not just that, he may be able to equip his weapon instantly after teleporting, which would be huge in the server. While these buffs are awesome, players are most excited about Tour De Force with an increased fire rate. 

Here are all the changes: 

Trademark (C) 

  • Disable range 4000 >>> 5000
  • Trap arm speed 4s >>> 2s

Rendezvous (E)  

  • Instant equip out of teleport

Tour De Force (X)

  • Firing rate increased by 15%

Viper gets serious nerfs in patch 6.11

While Chamber players will enjoy their powerful OP, Viper mains won’t be happy to discover the poison regeneration’s nerfs. After patch 6.11, Viper will have to wait longer to refill her poison tank, and regeneration would be much slower as well. 

Here are the changes:

Fuel Regeneration

  • Reduced regeneration per second 5% >>> 3.3%
  • Increased time to regenerate to max fuel once empty 20s >>> 30s

These nerfs would force Viper players to use their smokes and poison screen more carefully. The feast-or-famine nature of Viper’s poison could potentially make her a less viable option, but it shouldn’t impact her pick rate, considering there’s no other controller quite like her. 

So, these are all the agent changes being tested in PBE, and would come into affect in Valorant patch 6.11. Besides this, Valorant weapons will also see some tweaks.