Sova in Valorant

Valorant patch 6.07 makes it easy to destroy Sova’s recon

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 12, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Sova is one of the deadliest intel-gatherers in Valorant because of the tiny size of his recon. But the latest change in patch 6.07 will make it less of a pest. 

Valorant has six initiators, but few are good at breaking intel. Fade, and Sova often go neck and neck, but typically, Sova gains an edge for the small size of his utility that blends into the map. Even the best aimers can sometimes whiff their shots trying to break the small device, making Sova’s recon a dangerous tool. Now, Riot is nerfing the pesky utility to make it easily destructible. 

Patch 6.07 brings Bind back into the pool with changes and toughens penalties for AKFs, queue dodgers, and more. But, a fine print in the new patch slightly nerfs Sova’s signature ability. 

Sova slightly nerfed in Valorant patch 6.07

Sova Valorant

The Russian intel-gatherer is equipped with a recon dart with a decent hitbox, but its small size often makes it tough to counter. The dart reveals the enemies as soon as it hits a surface, so players must destroy it immediately. Unfortunately, its size often forces enemies to find cover instead of trying to shoot at it. 

But patch 6.07 will change that:

  • Sova’s Recon Bolt (E) model has been increased in size to more accurately represent its hitbox. This will not affect lineups. The collision as it travels is unchanged.

The developers have revealed that Sova’s dart will be comparatively larger and more noticeable in Valorant. Players should be able to counter it quickly after the sizing tweaks, similar to Fade’s Haunt. 

While it’s not a big nerf, it’d definitely feel significant for Sova mains. Besides this, Riot has made some visual changes to Sova’s utility to be more visible during the game. Valorant indicators have also seen some changes in the latest patch 6.07 update.