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Valorant patch 6.07 unveils harsher penalties for AFKs, queue dodgers

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 11, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games is increasing penalties for queue dodging and AFK behavior in Valorant patch 6.07.

Valorant patch 6.07 marks the return of Bind into the map pool, with significant changes to its layout. The new-look Bind has wider entrances and a different exit for the teleporter. But that’s not all. Patch 6.07 further sidelines the AFKs and queue dodgers in Valorant with stricter penalties. 

Patch 6.07 introduces faster punishment for AFK players, sabotaging the team, as well as stricter penalties for those who dodge the queue. 

Do you get punished for being AFK in Valorant? 

Valorant map Haven

Yes. Many players don’t know this, but greater RR (Rank Rating) deduction after a loss could sometimes be attributed to serial AFK behavior. Now, Riot is increasing the RR lost for those who repeatedly go away during a competitive game. 

“Players who routinely engage in AFK behavior will now be restricted from playing in ranked much more quickly. We believe that this firmer stance on AFKing is aligned with our behavioral expectations of players and will ultimately lead to a better quality of matches in VALORANT,” Riot said

  • Starting from patch 6.07, serial AFK players will experience a one-day ranked restriction.

But that’s not all. The developer is also cracking down on queue dodgers. Often, Valorant players ALT+F4 a map they don’t wish to play, leaving a game before it begins. However, it wastes the time of everyone waiting in the queue. So the new punishment will be much harsher, preventing players from skipping maps. 

  • The amount of RR (Rank Rating) loss for repeated queue dodging behavior has been increased in patch 6.07. 

Besides this, Riot is also focusing more on bot usage behavior in Valorant, which sets a player’s team up for failure by creating a one-sided team vs. team balance. These changes will likely mitigate AFK and queue dodgers in Valorant, encouraging players to take their ranked games more seriously.