Valorant patch 6.03 details serious Raze, Killjoy nerfs

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 14, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

It’s a bad day for Killjoy and Raze mains in Valorant. Patch 6.03 significantly nerfs the duelist and tweaks the viability of the sentinel in yellow. 

Valorant Episode 6 has been chiefly chaotic. Some significant changes have settled in the game, from the rank MMR system to network changes. But Riot has no plans to stop anytime soon, from the looks of patch 6.03. In the latest update, the developer has basically trashed Raze’s treasured Boom Bot with some notable nerfs for Killjoy on the side. 

Raze significantly nerfed in Valorant patch 6.03

Secret Raze nerf

The duelist from Brazil is a solid pick on smaller maps crammed with choke points. Using her Boom Bot, Raze helps teammates clear out pesky corners, but Riot has nerfed that ability. 

“We are decreasing the amount of space the ability can cover in order to sharpen Boom Bot as a tool Raze, and her team can use to follow up around angles,” Riot said. 

Starting patch 6.03, Raze’s Boom Bot duration will go down from the previous 10 seconds to five seconds. 

As a result, she can clear less real estate, becoming more of a duelist than an initiator hybrid. Very few agents in Valorant have the power to gather intel while dealing damage, and among them, duelists are zero. Raze is the only one who comes close to what an initiator can pull off with their intel-breaking powers. She still can do the same, but it’s less potent with new changes. 

Did Riot nerf Killjoy in Valorant? 

Besides Raze, Killjoy is also at the receiving end of recent nerfs. This time, it’s her Turret that would lose HP by default. 

Riot has revealed that Chamber’s recent balance has increased reliability of Killjoy’s Lockdown ult, leading her to become the new premier Sentinel Agent in the game. In order to balance the sentinel roster, the developer has decided to take away a small chunk of Turret’s health. 

  • Turret (E) health decreased 125 >>> 100
    • Reducing the total health of the Turret will allow opponents to have an easier time destroying it, particularly with weaker weapons.

This means enemies should find it easier to destroy the annoying Turret that alerts Killjoy of danger while dealing heavy damage. Currently, it’s a pain to even be around an active Turret. To destroy it, you must swallow a few shots. That would change in Valorant patch 6.03. 

Patch 6.03 isn’t all bad news. Riot has officially confirmed that Swiftplay is staying permanently for the fans who like to play Valorant on the go!