Valorant mobile leaked PBE files hint at imminent release

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 17, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games hasn’t forgotten about Valorant mobile. Leakers claim the release date is soon! 

The rumors of Valorant mobile have been swirling since 2021. Besides confirmation of its existence from Riot Games and a few screenshots, nothing more is known about the mobile counterpart. In the past few months, even leaks had slowed down, leading players to assume that Riot has likely put it on the back burner or, worse, terminated it. 

Fortunately, that’s not the case. Valorleaks claim that Valorant mobile is still well under development as Riot adds new mobile files into PBE.

“Tons of VALORANT Mobile files have been added into the latest PBE Patch, which should roll out with 6.06. Expect VAL Mobile beta in the new few months,” ValorLeaks said.

This is excellent news for mobile gamers eagerly awaiting a well-optimized shooter after Respawn shut down Apex Mobile. ValorLeaks has also shared a screenshot from the mobile version of Valorant. The image looked clean, with only a few transparent icons cluttering the screen. But players can organize their icons to their liking! 

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When is the release date for Valorant mobile?

With new files being added to the game, an official release isn’t likely too far away. However, the game will first be released as a beta, meaning only a few will have access to the build. 

The exact details to access Valorant Mobile are unknown, but leaks confirm that it’ll include a friend invite system. So if you’re friends with anyone at Riot, you are in luck. Any player who received beta access would probably be obligated to get some friends on board in order to try out the game. Initial access may be granted similarly to what Riot did for Project A.

But these are all speculations and shouldn’t be taken as gospel. If a release date is soon, players should expect some official words from Riot in the next few months.