New Valorant mobile leak suggests open beta is close

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 26, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Fresh Valorant mobile leaks suggest that Riot Games’ handheld FPS is currently being tested privately. 

With Valorant, Riot Games plans to follow in the footsteps of Overwatch, PUBG, Apex Mobile, and more with a mobile version of its tactical shooter. The developer announced a handheld version of its blockbuster FPS title Valorant, but no one knows the release date. According to Riot executive Anna Donlon, the game should be good to go by 2023, but players are eager to learn more about the character-based shooter. Recent leaks have revealed that the mobile port has made tons of progress. 

Official Valorant is now available on the Google Play Store with over 50 downloads, confirming that final testing is underway. However, it’s limited to selected players. 

New leaks hints Valorant mobile is coming soon 

Fresh screenshots of Valorant mobile have slipped through the cracks, revealing that the game has entered a less restricted testing phase. About 50 players have downloaded the locked version, which points to Valorant mobile’s release date drawing closer.

Valorant mobile testing

Playtesting for Valorant Mobile is estimated to have begun sometime in April 2022. A few in-game clips also fell through, putting players on their toes. However, the game was still in the early stages of development. Now that some time has passed, leakers hint that select players are already testing it. However, it’s unknown how exclusive the Valorant mobile closed beta actually is.

Credible leaker DannyIntel shared the screenshot of Valorant mobile from Play Store without an install icon. This likely means Riot is sending private links to certain players using the friend invite system. However, those trying out the beta built are under strict NDA to prevent sharing information. 

“This is a work-in-progress prototype, and you are under NDA to not share any information with anyone outside of Riot or the other F&F [friends and family] participants,” Riot said.

The Play Store built is locked publicly, but private testing is in full swing, a screenshot shared by Valorant mobile intel shows.

The in-game welcome screen is pretty similar to the PC version, but the main menu looks understated. The five-player slots are placed on a minimal backdrop with a simple Custom Game and Start Tab on the bottom. 

Private testing on Google Play Store is a sign that Riot is slowly expanding testing, which means the beta version may be close. So, players may want to upgrade their mobile phones to be able to get optimal FPS in Valorant mobile when it eventually launches.