Valorant Mobile for China is allegedly entering beta testing

By Olivia Richman


Aug 4, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The closed beta test for the Chinese version of Valorant Mobile, Project C, is apparently open now.

Project C is the codename for the Chinese version of Valorant Mobile. Valorant just became available in China quite recently, and now the mobile version is getting a closed beta test. This comes after some rumors of Project C’s existence back in 2021, followed by an official confirmation later that year.

According to ChowZ and other insiders on Twitter, the registration for Project C is from August 4th to mid-August. Right now, the closed beta is only available for Android players.

How to participate in the Project C closed beta

Valorant players looking to experience Project C will need the following three requirements to participate in the closed beta:

  • WeChat account
  • QQ account
  • A registered Chinese phone number

If you meet these three requirements, you will then be able to register on the Tencent Pioneer app. Once you download this app, you will be required to answer 22 questions.

Will there be Valorant Mobile for other regions?

Right now, there are two versions of Valorant on PC: One that’s considered global and one that’s for Chinese players only. This will likely be the case for Valorant Mobile as well.

Players outside of China will likely have to wait a bit longer before Riot rolls out Valorant Mobile worldwide. However, it only seems fair considering Valorant on PC was released in China after more than two years. But, it won’t be too long until players try to get into the beta using VPN and other means, which may prompt the developer to hasten the global release.

Not much is known about the global release date for Valorant Mobile. Right now, the mobile version of the popular, vibrant shooter is in development. It was announced in 2021 and then entered testing in 2022. Unfortunately, nothing has really been officially announced since then.