Valorant map repetition may now be fixed after this big change

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 6, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Are you tired of playing Ascent five times in a row? This new Valorant map rotation system will balance repetition, making the competitive experience a bit more varied for grinding players.

Valorant’s map pool is still relatively small. With only seven playable maps, players are often forced to lock horns in the same locations back to back. This repetition is stressful and tedious. Riot Games has been listening to the woes and has finally delivered a reasonable solution. 

A new deterministic map system is here for all regions, which will increase map variety. Players should expect less repetition once this system comes into effect. 

Players have complained about getting the same map as many as six times in a row. Due to this recurrence, players are forced to repeat old agents, squeezing the game’s fun.

Riot Games assured that the fix was underway, and it seems to have arrived in Episode 4, act 2. The new system seems promising as it adds logic to the previous random map selection. Players can still not pick their preferred maps, but they won’t have to worry about terrible RNG. 

How does Valorant’s new deterministic map system work? 

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The deterministic map system in Valorant increases the variety of maps that players will encounter. It filters out repeated maps to ensure a unique location each time. Deterministic map selection follows three rules when picking a map after players have been selected to play a match.

  • It takes the last five maps into consideration
  • It removes all maps played twice in the past five games when players hit play
  • The least played map is the system’s priority

Simply put, any map that has been played the least in the last five games would be the system’s pick. For example, if you have played Ascent twice in your past five games, you would likely not get it again. If all maps have been removed due to the “twice played” rule, those maps will be added back to the pool, and the least played map will be picked.

This feature will effectively boost map variety. Previously, it was only available in LATAM, but now all players can benefit from it. Valorant ranked experience should become more enjoyable now that players can comfortably play without worrying about RNG.