Valorant map selection

This is why Riot won’t add map selection to Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 24, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Valorant map rotation RNG has been an issue since the game’s release. Even with seven maps now in the rotation, the game still doesn’t have a map select feature, and now we finally know Riot’s reasoning. 

Valorant was released with four locations and no map select feature. Initially, players complained about sometimes having to play one map as many as six times in a row. Riot Games offered that greater diversity in the map pool might resolve this problem. With seven maps now available, the issue persists for many players. 

Senior competitive designer EvrMoar has clarified why Valorant doesn’t have a map selection feature despite these player complaints. 

Why can’t you pick maps in Valorant? 

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According to EvrMoar, the current system forces players to learn all maps rather than choosing to repeatedly pick the same one or two, which bolsters the overall skill level of the game. In the current patch, high-ranked Valorant players are deserving of their badges as they excel on all locations. 

EvrMoar explained that a ban-pick system would result in players opting for an easier map for them in order to climb ranks faster. This would affect the ranked experience as the player base will be divided between genuine high-level players and those who ranked up by spamming the same map. So the current system ensures a better skill balance. At least, according to Riot Games.

“Players don’t spend the time to learn a new map they may love! It does suck not knowing a map, but if the community always avoids it may bleed a fun map from the game. Who knows what the future holds tho, VALORANT is young!” EvrMoar said. 

However, players remain irritated by repeatedly playing the same maps. While they no longer have to play the exact location six times in a row due to the greater number of maps, some still face streaks of playing the same map too often. Map rotation RNG isn’t perfect, which is why players want to have more control over which maps they play. 

What’s a Weighted Random system in Valorant? 

Weighted Random is a unique map selection feature that ensures a balanced selection of maps in Valorant matchmaking. It takes previous games into account before loading the next map so that players can enjoy a better variety of locations. 

Explaining the current Weighted Random RNG system, EvrMoar assured fans that a map pick feature isn’t entirely out of the question. Though they qualified that it may not come soon or in the form players are expecting. It seems that players will have more agency with regards to which maps they play at some point. But Riot’s first priority is curating a player base that is equally skilled on all maps, not just on some of them.