Top 5 agents to use on new Valorant map Fracture

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 9, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

After bolstering Valorant’s gunplay, Riot Games has released a new map that once again highlights the agent abilities of the game. Fracture isn’t a duelist map. It requires the full use of agent powers.

Fractured is perfectly sized. Unlike Breeze and Icebox, it’s neither too large nor too small. Agents who carry smokes, molotovs, and similar abilities will shine on this lush location. Here are the top five agents that you may want to run on Fracture in order to climb the ranks quicker.

1 – Sova

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Sova is a big help on all maps with wide sky openings, and Fracture seems to have plenty of them for him to take advantage of. His recon and shock dart abilities make him a viable asset to the team both on the attacking and defending sides. His ultimate will also be most helpful on this map due to the enclosed bomb points and a lack of escape options for his enemies.

2 – Killjoy

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Killjoy’s ultimate Lockdown often comes up short on maps like Breeze and Ascent. On Fracture, the agent can more easily cover the central area and an entire site with her Lockdown device, making her an essential pick. Fracture’s lower area offers a deadly route for flankers calls and for Killjoy’s Turret. This agent is an almost necessary pick on this map.

3 – Brimstone

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After the release of newer maps like Icebox and Breeze, Brimstone’s pick rate took a significant hit. Fracture suggests a return is in store for the controller agent, thanks to his set of three smokes that can last for an eternity. The latest map has plenty of narrow openings that Brimstone can block with his smokes and incendiary. Not to mention his AoE ultimate that is highly useful on a map like Fracture.

4 – Yoru

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Yoru is one of the best duelists to run on Fracture thanks to his toolkit built around initiation. His teleporting ability can be a game-changer on this map, especially when combined with his blinding flashes. Enemies can barely hear the sound cue for his teleport, which might help his pick rate. The duelist can execute tricks on this location to deceive the enemy team and help perform fake site hits.

5 – Skye

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Skye has proven to be a viable agent on nearly all Valorant maps, but she might shine the most on Fracture. Her Trailblazer and Seekers can be extremely useful in gathering intel. On larger maps, her intel-gathering abilities often fail to deliver the expected results. Conversely, the tighter structure of Fracture allows her to perform to the fullest due to the smaller site sizes.

The map still hasn’t entered ranked queues, so it’s unknown exactly how the meta will shake out. Agent combinations may change as the map grows older, but these five agents should help you dominate the map in patch 3.05.